About Us

Walone Fashion Group is a group of talented fashion designers, who design evening and bridal dresses for any special occasion for women as well as suits and tuxedos for men.


The company was started in 2009, by Valon Osmani and Benek Silik Osmani. The name of the brand “Walone” is based on the Founder’s and CEO’s name Valon Osmani.
In order to make the brand sound more international and unique, they have created the brand name “Walone”.
Initially, “Walone” was a retail store in Prizren, reselling evening and wedding dresses as well as hiqh quality fabrics, continuing a family tradition of merchandise and commerce.


In 2015, “Walone”, opened its first shop in Prishtina and the main focus was to work on the first own line, so the first little workshop with 15 square feet was established in that year. Valon and Benek employed 2 young designers, 3 tailors, allowing them to give free reign to their imagination and talent. So, for the first time, “Walone”, started to produce its own designs and most of those pieces were sold successfully.

Breakthrough to Success

In 2017, “Walone Fashion Group” was officially formed with a team of 15 staff members, being the first company in Kosovo using this concept.

At this time, the logo was introduced and the primary focus was on Marketing and Advertisement, to create more awareness of the brand worldwide. “Walone Fashion Group”, participated regularly at regional fashion shows like “Prishtina Fashion Nights”, “Skopje Fashion Weeekend”, and “Montenegro Fashion Week”, where they presented their unique collections every season.

Walone Fashion Group” focused on Haute Couture and Pret-a-Porter (Ready to wear) designs, which require exclusive fabrics and a lot of handmade details. These styles are difficult to copy and make the client feel outstanding and special. Over the years, they kept on growing as their designs were requested highly within Kosovo as well as outside the country, so they started to sell internationally for the first time in 2017, getting in touch with clients mainly through channels of Facebook and Instagram.

In 2018, “Walone Fashion Group” opened the biggest showroom in the region with 1000 m2, offering the client a big choice of luxurious outfits for any special occasion and an exclusive shopping experience. This is when they defined their name in the Kosovo fashion industry.

The strength of “Walone Fashion Group” Company, emerges through the fusion of talented designers, providing luxurious and extra-ordinary fabrics, high-quality products, and great customer service.

COVID 19 Struggle

In March 2020, when the pandemic started, “Walone Fashion Group”, faced the biggest challenge in their career and all of a sudden production and sales were uncertain. It was impossible to ensure that the production team could work from home. There were no weddings or parties allowed, which meant that there was no demand for luxurious evening or bridal dresses at all. During these difficult times, “Walone Fashion Group”, has launched their casual line, offering unique summer dresses and corsets. The challenges of the pandemic strengthened “Walone Fashion Group”, as a company and taught them that export is very important. In the last 9 months, the company has been recovering from the losses they faced during 2020.


Currently, “Walone Fashion Group” is still a privately owned company proudly based in Kosovo with a qualified team of 85 members and separated into 6 (six) departments:

Design Department
Production Department
HR Department
Sales Department
Finance Department
Marketing Department.

With sales in more than 70 countries, “Walone’s”, main focus is to grow even bigger and tell the world that everything is possible, even from a small country like KOSOVO.


Creativity, professionalism, high quality, and good customer service define our team!

Valon Osmani


Benek S. Osmani



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