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Precious Gem '22

This chic design was designed to elevate your curves into all the right places.Designed in a mermaid silhouette, features a plunge neckline with fringes on the bust part, embroidered all over with pearls, beads & sequins, including the feathered train.HIGHLIGHTS:-Pearls, beads, sequins-Feathered..
Ex Tax:2,090.00€
For a sophisticated bombshell look, look no further than this gorgeous dress.It features a boning corset with midi skirt, sprinkled with stones & colorful rhinestones all over the dress.Including the detachable ruched sleeves with gloves so you can customize them as you want.HIGHLIGHTS:-Sweethea..
Ex Tax:1,590.00€
Shine bright and stand out from the rest in this breathtakingly gorgeous silver dress.It features a corset with spaghetti straps & sweetheart neckline embroidered with stones, beads and pearls all over, including the feathered cape to complete the look.HIGHLIGHTS:-Spaghetti straps-Sweetheart nec..
Ex Tax:1,690.00€
Silver Rhinestone Long Dress with Boning Corset Silver Rhinestone Long Dress with Boning Corset
3 weeks Pre-Order
Sparkle in this unique dress that is embroidered from head-to-toe in rhinestones.Rendered from embellished fabric with colorful rhinestones, featuring a boning corset with fringes on the bust part, including the long train for a stunning walk.HIGHLIGHTS:-Long train-Rhinestones-Boning corset-Straples..
Ex Tax:1,690.00€
All eyes will be on you in this showstopper.It features a plunge neckline with rhinestones, embroidered all over with gold tassels & feathered train to complete the look of this stunning dress.HIGHLIGHTS:-Plunge neckline-Rhinestones, gold tassels-Feathered train-StraplessMADE IN KOSOVO..
Ex Tax:2,190.00€
Luxury in each detail...Designed in a mermaid silhouette, featuring a corset with high neck embellished with blue rhinestones & cut-out on the waist.Embroidered all over with gold tassels, including the long skirt with feathered train.HIGHLIGHTS:-High neck-Blue rhinestones-Cut-out waist-Mermaid ..
Ex Tax:2,490.00€
Feel like a diva you are in this breathtaking dress.It features a richly embellished fabric, hand-embroidered with colorful rhinestones & fringes all over, that make this dress a statement piece.Feel and look like a Diva in WFG.HIGHLIGHTS:-Colorful rhinestones-Fringes-Long sleevesMADE IN KOSOVO..
Ex Tax:2,890.00€
Green Embellished Dress with One Satin Shoulder Green Embellished Dress with One Satin Shoulder
3 weeks Pre-Order
A magnificent dress detailed to perfection!It is designed with richly embroidered fabric all over with beads, pearls, mirrors & sequins.Featuring a corset with one shoulder draped satin & short tulle embroidered gloves to complete the look of this dress.HIGHLIGHTS:-One shoulder draped satin-..
Ex Tax:1,790.00€
This unique dress hugs your figure into all the right places.Designed with richly embroidered fabric with beads, mirrors, pearls & sequins.It features a gorgeous neckline with feathers.HIGHLIGHTS:-Feathers-Long sleeves-Beads, mirrors, pearls, sequinsMADE IN KOSOVO..
Ex Tax:1,990.00€
Crystal Green Long Dress with Side Slit Crystal Green Long Dress with Side Slit
3 weeks Pre-Order
Allow all the attention to fall on you as soon as you wear this stunning dress.Featuring gorgeous details like the plunge corset embroidered with green crystals around with draped tulle details & long tulle gloves for an elegant look.Including the long train skirt made of sequin-beaded fabric, w..
Ex Tax:1,890.00€
Take glam to a whole new level with this unreal dress.Featuring a scoop neckline corset embroidered with stones & crystals on the bust part.It has a skirt made with beaded fabric embroidered & tulle gloves embroidered with crystals.HIGHLIGHTS:-Scoop neckline corset-Crystals, beads, stones-S..
Ex Tax:1,490.00€
Silver Rhinestone Gown Silver Rhinestone Gown
3 weeks Pre-Order
Make everyone stop and stare as soon as you wear this stunning gown.It is designed with a richly fabric, featuring a boning corset with rhinestones & leaf details on the neckline part.HIGHLIGHTS:-Richly fabric-Silver Rhinestones-Leaf detailsMADE IN KOSOVO ..
Ex Tax:1,790.00€
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